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You have to buy the fabric before sewing and anything. Then, you need to check the quality of fabric before buying them. This post will provide you some tips to differentiate some fabrics. It will be easier for you if you use a basic sewing machine. Read Which Is The Most Easy To Use Sewing Machine For Beginners On The Market to learn more.

1. Burn the Fabric

It sounds weird but it will tell the exact difference of the fabric. You can use this way to check whether the shopkeeper said true or not. You should ask them for the small piece of fabric and burn it. The content of the garment will burn completely if it is a natural fiber. The garment will burn like a plastic slowly melting if it is polyester. Also, the polyester will burn with the black smoke. But, the natural fiber will burn right away. The polyester will come with the plastic smell while the natural fiber has no foul smell. This is a way of testing the fabric and defining the difference of fabric. You should ask from the shopkeeper before doing this unless you will get trouble.

You should ask the seller for a small piece of fabric and burn to check it

2. Hand Test

You have to pay more attention and focus on this test. You can test with your hand if you want to distinguish between the cotton and the linen. We all know linen is a crisp fabric by the appearance of it. If you don't have much knowledge about the fabric and still confuse about the garment. Then, you should try this test. You need to scrunch the fabric if you see the instant wrinkles and spring on the garment. Then, it is linen. You can do the same way if you don't see wrinkly and spring in it. Then, it must be cotton. Cotton doesn’t squeak so you won’t see wrinkles on it. You can check the difference after preparing it at the time of pre-washing. Your fabric shouldn't leave any color in the basket when you use this technique. If there is any color leaving, it will create problems when you represent your project to the clients. You can also determine the fabric when sewing it by the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners with many different options.

3. Wool Testing

You should test the fabric to avoid the laundry accident in your work

You got some unmarked fabric and you have no idea which content you should choose for the next project. Or, if this kind of fabric suitable for you or not. You should test the fabric to avoid the laundry accident in your work. Many people have no idea about how to check wool. In this case, you should take a small patch of the fabric a glass. Then, put it in a bowl filled with the water. After that, you light the matchstick and hold the fabric over the bowl. Make sure you keep the matchstick close to the fabric. If it catches the fire and the smell like you burn someone’s hair. Then, it is wool. Let check it with a wool fabric you are using. Then, start your project with your wool and your machine. You can read Where To Buy The Best Basic Sewing Machine For Beginners And Home Use to learn more about the sewing machine.


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