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Sunset, bursts of breeze blowing - _MonAMCESTECEST1OctE Sunset, bursts of breeze blowing, a piece of leaves and branches depend on the separate, slowly falling to the ground. Argentina Soccer JerseyThe whole street is golden, or red look, put the school riding a bike through this street, the ground will always issue a "crunchy" sound. There are very few people on the street, sometimes only me alone, everything is so quiet, and some lonely.

Dusk always come so fast, blink of an eye, the original cloudless blue sky, has become dim, although not see the sun, but still able to be able to dense buildings in the gap to see the red, but there are particularly weak sun The light shines through the sky. In the city and its rare "fire cloud", I do not know why in this street can always see.

And each time I came to this street, I always stop the car, a person quietly enjoy the beauty of the evening. The street is always filled with a deep and sad feeling, this feeling around me, so I became like the dusk of those sad trees.

A person standing on the street, watching the dusk little by little disappear,Sergio aguero Manchester City jersey I even forgot the existence of time,

The slow and rapid passage of time, the sunset heavy fall, like the next day will not rise again look. But everyone believes it. The next day he will still rise. The people who drove were rushing back toward their home, and the lights lit the city.

Come back to think of the existence of time, in fact, can not be regarded as back to God, because the evening has been slowly in my attention disappeared.

The night of the autumn is Neymar JR Barcelona Jersey so fast that it will work for a while. Street lights on both sides of the street at the same time lit up. Looked up to heaven, is a dark night, and looked down, the street was brightly lit

After riding home, the sky is no longer a beautiful evening.


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