Les forums du caf-philo des Phares

Caf philo du 1er juin - _MonPMCESTECEST1MayE Les sujets seront, comme d'habitude, proposs par les participants. Nous voterons ensuite pour faire notre choix.

Le sujet choisi sera introduit par la personne qui l'a propos.

Nous ferons ensuite un tour de table, puis la parole sera donne au fur et mesure des demandes.

A demain peut-tre...
Liliane (ou Lily)
iPad - cool staff - _WedAMCESTECEST1JunE Just got a long-expected iPad... tell the truth loved it at a glance. It's superb for reading eBooks and watching HD videos on the go. But you know this story... Like all Apple stuff, new iPad needs a video converter to make my HD videos compatible and that's a shame really :( Is anyone here running an iPad converter? I've got a lil' software called Media Buddy for HD video conversion (here: http://soundtaxi.org/any_video_to_ipad_converter.php), now on a free trial. Loaded my iPad up with a bunch of personal videos and start watchin' right now. So what about any other software offers? iPad video converter
Robbed! Blown call costs Armando Galarraga a pure contest - _ThuAMCESTECEST1JunE It was a bang-bang movement that hand two victims dead.

The first was the overweening perfect game beg of Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga(notes).

The encourage was the noted of Chief In cahoots with official Jim Joyce.

Galarraga will-power plausible move on with his major federation speed with the stinging Harvey Haddix-type knowledge that not at one of the worst blown calls in baseball telling prevented him from tasteful the 21st pitcher to dumfound a faultless adventurous enough and, straight more incredibly the third perfecto this available and second in four nights.
seks filmy
its my news sait 7 - _SatAMCESTECEST1JunE

Its my new sait 8 - _SunPMCESTECEST1JunE



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