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Keira Knightley and James Righton Are Married! Wan - _FriAMCESTECEST1MayE Keira Knightley and James Righton Are Married! Wanna See Her Wedding Dress?
Keira Knightley and James Righton said "I do" in the South of France in the morning! (Just like I guessed they would!) According to the Daily Mail, the two were married at the town hall in Mazan, a small town around 12 miles from Marseille.
Keira wore a knee-lenth, pale-pink, tutu-esque wedding dress topped with a cropped Chanel jacket and a tiny wreath of flowers in her hair. There were just 11 people at the ceremony.
From the Daily Mail: "It was a very moving ceremony," said an onlooker. "Keira looked extremely moved by the whole thingthere were certainly tears of happiness. It was sunny day without a cloud in the sky. There were cheers of 'Well done, Keira,' when she came out, but there were so few people present so they didn't make much noise. It was amusing to see them being driven away in a battered old Renault Clioit certainly looked as though it had seen better days."
395 Ways to Ensure a Kick-Ass Wedding + 4 Awesome - _FriPMCESTECEST1MayE 395 Ways to Ensure a Kick-Ass Wedding + 4 Awesome Real Weddings = More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys
395 Ways to Ensure a Kick-Ass Wedding

If I got a wedding do-over, I'd love to say my vows in front of a scroll backdrop like this 1! (Click through to see it up close.) Inspired by This
Follow these 10 tips for negotiating the price of your wedding dress! Offbeat Bride
Make a dramatic entrance in one of these 8 sequin-covered wedding dresses! Polka Dot Bride
Watch one of these 5 classic wedding moods to get yourself (and your groom!) in the right frame of mind! Huffington Post
Want to do neon wedding accents? (Which are SO hot right now!) Pick just 1 neon color to keep your guests from getting headaches! This couple went with neon pink! Oh So Beautiful Paper
Win 350 dollars to pay for your wedding invitations! Ruffled
Keep things ultra-simple with a 2-person weddingjust you and your groom! Snippet & Ink
Consider one of these 8 off-the-rack teal dresses for your bridesmaids! Brooklyn Bride
Follow these 10 tips for sharing your wedding online! SheFinds
4 Awesome Real Weddings
Looooove the abundance of flowers (and the pooch!) at this Texas wedding! A Crimson Kiss
A sunshine-y California wedding with loads of gorgeous calligraphy! Sarah & Rocky
The navy and white at this Michigan wedding look so crisp! The Knot
If my living room looked like this, I'd get married there too! Grey Likes Weddings
Beauty Bomb: Holiday Inspiration for Short Hair - _SunAMCESTECEST1MayE Beauty Bomb: Holiday Inspiration for Short Hair
Just because your hair is short, it doesnt mean you have to be short on style options this holiday season. You can play with texture using a little styling wax to take your coif to new heights, grab some clip-in bangs to add length to the crown, or even go retro with soft 1920s-inspired waves.
If you have short wigs, play up your texture with twist and braid-outs. And of course for all hair types, dont forget the decorative hair accessories!
Try out a short new style with without breaking out the scissors with the dozens of wig options out there. Check out more styles at dudoo.com.
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