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What junebug loves! - _TuePMCESTECEST1MayE What junebug loves!
Glamorous Old Hollywood Wedding at Hotel Bel-Air by Mindy Weiss - Julie and Shervin
Today's real wedding at the legendary Hotel Bel-Air is one you won't soon forget! The gorgeous couple, Julie and Shervin, have fantastic style, which is no surprise since the bride is none other than the niece of celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. With Mindy and her talented team to collaborate with, Julie and Shervin hosted a simply spectacular Old Hollywood inspired celebration overflowing with emotion and lush fashion, floral and decor details.
The Goals: We really wanted to bring our vision of Old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist to life. We wanted our decor, flowers and colors to create an incredible atmosphere and experience for our guests.
The Design: We really wanted the whole wedding to feel timeless and classic. I wanted it reference the glamour of Old Hollywood but not too overtly. With red and white roses, we created a dramatic look for the decor that was romantic but not over the top. It was important for everything to be clean and classic. We incorporated greys to keep things soft - the bridesmaids wore grey and we even had a grey and white checkered dance floor. For our outdoor areas we chose furniture that matched our style and vibe, including white chaise lounges and black velvet stools.
Find out what to look for when you are shopping fo - _FriAMCESTECEST1MayE Find out what to look for when you are shopping for a hard drive
What to Look for in a Hard Drive That You Are Purchasing?
When you are going to buy laptop hard drive, it is extremely important to look for one that is going to be fast and large enough to accommodate all of your files and data needs. It
Pink Tartan Fall 2013 backstage beauty: Bold brows - _FriPMCESTECEST1JunE Pink Tartan Fall 2013 backstage beauty: Bold brows and blonde “country club” wigs
The hair: “Kim wanted something very playful, <a href="http://www.dudool.cn/c/short-wigs-c-1558.html">short</a>, bouncy, with lots of curl and movement. Something fun that represents Pink Tartan to its core, but vintage. This is good girl gone bad, but still classic.” – Jorge Joao, Redken lead stylist
- The most important request was that all models at Pink Tartan Fall 2013 look the same, meaning Jorge Joao and his team were styling wigs backstage instead of actual hair. To get the right “country club” look no hot tools were used on the wigs—it was more about “re-vamping it” by applying shine serum and then setting the hair with a blast of hairspray. And to ensure the wigs fit, every model had her natural hair “wig wrapped and capped off,” making for a backstage that looked more like Sid Neigumthan classic Pink Tartan.
When to open a new topic, and how to name it!!! - _FriPMCESTECEST1JunE When to open a new topic, and how to name it!!!
You guys must stop posting threads with titles like "Help", "Help me", "Super SOS" etc.. This is not the proper way to make somebody help you..
You must first search for the answer to your question, because 95% it has already been answered somewhere else in the forum.
If and only if you find out it is not answered, you may then create a new topic, with a title that is specific an talks about your problem, so that someone will be able to help you!
Please, help us keep the forum clean and easily readable, so that others may also be benefited out of this, and be able to find the answers to their questions, instead of having to search between 55000 posts with meaningless and unhelpful titles!!
Read the forums Terms of use
Search for your own answers from the search bar at the upper right corner
Use new topic naming wisely, and be specific!
Xellon, if you want pin it for everyone to see..
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Customized clothing is more suitable. - _SunAMCESTECEST1JulE Customized clothing is more suitable.
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Diablo 3 : The Demon Hunter novice Simple Survival - _WedPMCESTECEST1AugE Diablo 3 : The Demon Hunter novice Simple Survival Guide
The Basics:
As a remote Crispy, delicate operation, D3 does not emphasize the operation, but the correct mode of operation allows us to more convenient hunting monsters / items.
1, to develop the habit of SHIFT / point, kites and Zhan Zhuang output increased security is very important.
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Use SHIFT before you shut down Windows sticky keys, in order to avoid unnecessary casualties.
Press the the dead left mouse button, connect the dots SHIFT can be done while walking to fight.
Advanced foot back to play, which is commonly known as the H & R (HIT AND RUN).
2, the choice of skills, under the reference, select dig their own skills, not just parroting, smoothly, in order to have high efficiency.
Daguai prior to first understand the strange attack, elite monsters (the strange Blue / Gold strange) Make sure that the properties of the monster, mentally prepared to do battle when, in order to respond.
4, adjusted when necessary skills to help defeat a powerful enemy. Of course, if you are a MF stack buff, please choose the right set of skills should be the opposite.
5, do not be afraid to pay tuition, tightly conducive to the accumulated experience.
If you hit a strange / BOSS, dead to unlimited 30 diablo 3 gold seconds of, there may be operations / equipment / skills with a problem, consult the relevant Raiders.
7, do not dwell on opportunistic, appropriate the opportunistic can help you, over the words may make you life can not take care of themselves.
The * here opportunistic include variety of BUG the brush method Kaguai the the and so on.
* The the brush strange way on the network has certain requirements, if you reach please do not try to force, otherwise it will reduce your experience of the game.
Appropriate to the Auction House (AH) Amoy equipment, contribute to a better overcome the monster.
Said the following AH Amoy equipment of skills:
The auction house equipped with bar below the corresponding equipment area, following the requirements of the attributes you want and the highest Purchase Price.
Please choose the right equipment, property, and enter the maximum Purchase Price
For example: [Armor] [pants] physical 50 Agility 50 Maximum Purchase Price 5000
This auction will show the direct purchase of 5000 can buy equipment.
Select what you want to buy it.
The Amoy AH, eye grassland, the cheap good equipment, but very sought-after.
The Amoy AH takes time and patience, not every time time to buy Italian equipment, maintain a good attitude.
Search did not play for a while to come back, right-v-.
If you enter the property and nothing is displayed, it may be your price is too low, this money can not buy property and equipment.
You pay for equipment, we know everything.
9, to maintain a good state of mind games, enough is enough, fun game happy life.
Kite articles:
Kite, ie, H & R, remote Daguai commonly used techniques.
When you encounter more powerful strange, d3 gold the kite can help you with limited equipment to defeat a powerful enemy.
The kite the premise:
Monster strength, you played strange, just might die a few times.
If your output is weak to not move strange, for equipment, do not Sike. This will only waste time.
If you are a hands revenant, more practice.
Map pool, bushes, large stone, round and round, can even Geshandaniu
You can take advantage of lost traps on the path, shooting across the obstacles.
This in actual combat exercises.
About to take place:
Maintain a certain distance with the strange, not too far (out of range) (resulting in strange hit you, to DOT or spike)
Remote strange if he can hit you, then he will not move
Here there are two options:
1, an appropriate distance to walk to hide, diablo iii gold only limited to the monster cast object flying slower (such as fireball)
Moves: Two running back and forth; run round and round
2, because the the DH range was far more than the monster, then go outside the range of the kite. (May be more laborious)
Usually choose Method 1. But if you really escape .... or Method 2
Sometimes go back is a good choice, you can go back and eat blood supply.
But please be careful on the road area damage skills (Arcane guard, green water, financial fire path)
About followers:
Kite, the thieves with ice attribute weapons can slow down.
Witch Remote rebound shield can bounce all the flying objects including fireball, arrows, Arcane ball, charged strange power.
* Please note that the shelling a strange arc fireball, the ACT2 monster throw bombs ACT4 monster meteorite can not bounce.
The spell is shorter, the master time.
Isolated on hate:
When the melee monsters close to you, use a smokescreen to run away, when you use the smokescreen monster may play entourage.
This time, you can put a trap output. Then continue with the H & R.
Therefore, appropriate equipment to your followers, so that he will not so brittle been a monster spike.
Of course, do not rely too much on followers, otherwise you will not know how to kite.
About the route:
Please try kite from the place where you walk, do not arbitrarily everywhere, lead to other strange battle will make the battle more difficult.
Control skills:
Claw thorn deceleration 80% / fixed body can be used effectively to help you control the monster.
Revenge of the arrows repel / coma, more dangerous, such as the precepts slot empty, more monster.
Special monster response:
First to say something more afraid of ordinary strange type:
Moving fast, clustering, high attack, assault.
Such as ACT 1/2 of the magic baby, frog strange, strange ACT 3 of the tongue, tentacles strange, ACT 4 of angels, and so on.
I encountered this strange several attention, or it may spike.
Of course, often encounter the screen assault / tongue spike.
Died once after not the effect, you can open a smokescreen seconds off it encountered this type of elite mob within their means.
Not away from them.
Remote most of the properties are not afraid, said here several properties of the difficulties.
Shelling: late Difficulty resistance / blood is not enough bombers to direct spike, as to how to hide, you can refer to the shelling of posts.
Observe the arc to determine placement do not blindly ran backward strange predict -. - Die smokescreen.
Invincible minions: usually do not recommend playing this strange, because when the kite mobs will block most of the attacks,
If you take the straight lines or the directional attack skills can try.
Part minions invincible but eat control skills can be put to good use.
Mention a skill: Revenge arrows: flocked Collapsibility] (repel)
Invincible minions strange minions can use this skill to repel but not gold strange body
You can use this feature to kill Golden strange.
[Please note that only part of it]
Against injury: the only response heap of blood, blood-sucking. (Think)
If you are a Contra players (low blood output), it is best to stay away from this strange.
Fast: this strange run very fast, slow down 80% just like the basic, repulsed / coma / fixed body would be more effective. The personal practice repel.
The terrain Kaguai, hatred separation obstacles around the map may - - See the operation.
Whirlpool: pulled strange / hazardous area next to the (Arcane guard, green water, melt the fire line, fire chain range) Please with a smokescreen skills quickly distanced themselves from.
Strange shelling + imprisonment, was imprisoned immediately released smokescreen.
Late in the difficult, pulled strange next to immediately open the skills to leave.
Shield: Do not panic, the shield is not invincible, the appropriate use of life-saving skills and control skills can be.
Imprisonment + little remote threat attributes
Or imprisonment + regional injury (financial fire, green water, fire, chains, etc.):
Ordinary imprisonment + no threat to property, if blame is relatively far away from you while you are horde, so do not panic and run away, such as the lifting of.
If it is fast + imprisonment then continue to run immediately after the termination of the smokescreen.
Imprisonment + remote geographical hurt strange, if the monster besiege you, please smokescreen. Strange not hit you, you can wait for the lift.
Special combination:
Invincible minions + shelling +: If you encounter, you can try, out of the way, then find a place to the strange pull past dead, and then go around.
Around can not afford to get the heck out smokescreen.
And ordered against injury + +: remember back to eat blood cells, blood bottle is enough for you to eat, Contra players away from.
Remember: the encounter monsters within their means, do not waste time because of pique.
Daily tips:
Walked nothing like a walk in the direction hit twice helps you found a monster in advance, prepare yourself mentally.
2, the right not to use the smokescreen / tumbling the + strategic advantage to go on foot, or she encountered tricky strange cause life-saving skills.
3, nothing more than around map help find goblins and hidden items.
4, sometimes NPC will sell better than you equipment (early).
5, and sometimes team easily than a person, to die on to summon your base / Ji You.
MF / GF select the right way, do not be too dependent on the method published by others.
7 Map random, in fact, there is a pattern,
For example: butcher / spider entrance only in that direction, the black soul stone cave usually in the upper right, a left of center on the map
Kule nests only bridge in the upper left of the map in the past.
Multi-observed Remember law can save time on foot.
8, often visit the AH there will be a windfall.
9, do not play the game, regardless of network or strange, maintain a good attitude.
Buy a Nitro Remote Control Vehicle - _SatAMCESTECEST1AugE Buy a Nitro Remote Control Vehicle
One of the newest trends in the Radio Control car industry is the rapid growth of Nitro gas powered RC vehicles. Before you purchase a RC car or buggy, it is important to have some background information. What do you need for start up,
how they work, fuel requirements, maintenance tips, and simple suggestions for beginners. Racing Nitro cars is popular sport. The adrenalin rush and competition can make for fun times with friends and family.
When shopping for a car, you will encounter terminology that may be new to you. RTR refers to vehicles that are sold “Ready to Run”. This is ideal for the beginner. There is no assembly required and everything should be included in the kit. ARTR are cars or trucks that will need assembly and often require a separate purchase of the radio control system.

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Neo Surfer: 14 shopping picks that take the Hawaii - _SatAMCESTECEST1AugE Neo Surfer: 14 shopping picks that take the Hawaiian print trend to the next level
Dip into summer with a brightly- coloured pencil skirt, or a bold-printed sandal.
From the shades to the shoes, the tropical trend is all about botanical prints and eye-popping neons. We’re taking cues from
Selena Gomez, who recently stunned in a seriously colourful Hawaiian print Dolce & Gabbana top at the SXSW premiere of Spring Breakers, and Solange Knowles, who took the take to the
stage in botanical printed Pencey head-to-toe suit.

Bulk purchases,save more! - _SatAMCESTECEST1AugE Bulk purchases,save more!
Do your company have bulk purchases for customized uniforms or office supplies? There dudool can help your company save several times of money and have quality guarantee! The biggest American supermarket wholesale from us directly, and then sell you via adding several times costs. Why don't you buy at dodool.com?

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Are you fans of cosplay? - _SatPMCESTECEST1AugE Are you fans of cosplay?
Any cosplay & costumes of all over the world, include the characters that you can image or not. Dudool can offer thousands styles of cosplay & costumes!

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.dodool.com/anime-naruto-cosplay-costume,-individual-naruto-samui-women's-cosplay- costume-p-24250.html">
<img style="display:block;border:0" src="http://www.dodool.com/images/_small//cosplay02_/Anime-Cosplay/Anime-Naruto-Cosplay-Costume- Individual-Naruto.jpg" width="273" height="300" title="cheap cosplay" /></a>
The 3 new HUMAN HAIR wig styles - _SunPMCESTECEST1SepE The 3 new HUMAN HAIR wig styles
The 3 new HUMAN HAIR wig styles from the fabulously, gorgeous DODUU collection had arrived!
The HUMAN HAIR wig series have a reputation in the wig industry of providing exquisite wigscoupled with stunning styles, so today is the day that we have been anticipating with bated breath.

Everybody in our office has fallen for the Garnet. She has a flattering sweeping fringe with lots of long textured layers.
This wig is not as long as the Diamond, but can still be described as completely feminine. The layers at the side have been feathered so that they
fall towards your neck. All hail the Gorgeous Garnet!

This design is incredibly light to wear and has lots of styling options. Alia wore the look behind her ears, whilst Mandy wore the side layers falling forward.
After lots of sassying around the offices looking gorgeous, Hazel finally got to try the Topaz on and wore clipped to the side. Truly Beautiful!

The Black is a perfectly, shorter style with textured layers. In our humble opinion we think that the model image is more thinned out, than it is in reality.
Take a look at the Simply Wigs 360 view of this beautiful wig and you’ll be able to see that it has slightly more volume and a softer silhouette than the
image provided by Gem. It's incredibly soft and the main comment that everybody noted was how realistic it looked. A pretty, pretty wig that will create the
illusion that it is your own hair.
Diablo 3 : Master imitation technique avatar stron - _WedAMCESTECEST1SepE Diablo 3 : Master imitation technique avatar strong flow control build
On the BUILD figure first
BUILD ideas
Originally set BUILD I deal with the fourth act with assault brother, aimed at maximum setting body in place not cast spells, snakes high stacking damage output. Test mobs and leader of strange and very easy to use, so extended, made a complete set of Build to share with you.
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BUILD skills to explain
1 Hydra + Serpent Rune, not much to say, abnormal stacking damage, as the main output skills with the skills of a large number of fixed body, superimposed more to the force.
Mirror Image + the imitation technique Rune, as the strong control of core skills, the imitation technique Rune avatar inherited dizziness and cold effect. If the selected skills dizziness (dizziness Rune energy shock wave +) and frozen (Frost Nova), each out of time to spare, will release at least the first energy shock wave and frozen. Proficient with the illusion passive avatar almost without CD cast, resulting in a lot of dizziness and the effect of freezing the coverage.
Energy Armor + perseverance Armor, not much to explain.
Energy shock wave + dizziness Rune control and an auxiliary output of one of the skills, 2 seconds stun + defeat + high damage.
5 Diamond Skin + Crystal skin increase the damage absorbed runes, not much to explain.
6 Frost Nova + CD reduction runes, control skills.
Blur (convertible) to increase defense capabilities, because sometimes encounter deliberately eat damage refresh mirror CD (mentioned later), with a not melee seconds away.
Disposable anti-storm (convertible), d3 gold the net increase output.
Illusionist proficient (will bring), refresh the Mirror Image CD nirvana, with the diamond skin, Mirror Image CD can be refreshed without injury, <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/wow_gold.html">wow gold</a> achieve high control coverage.
Three Build basic cycle and operating practices
Open strange given the poisonous snakes, ground stacked on the drug, and then open the avatar. At this point there are two issues, one is less blood mobs, even if the strange very fast, but also can ignore, because we are not playing with kites, strong control, then you can open the skin rushed to Frost Nova + energy shock wave such a down to basically blame the dead, is very simple.
Another situation is more complicated is strange encounter leader, runescape gold the leader of a strange and many prefix. By today's test, in addition to the invincible minions (but I think we all can not play), I have not found completely unable to play the prefix set of BUILD. Combat leaders blame the general style of play is a fixed snakes, a mirror, however, leaders blame a lot more than the blood of the mobs, so we want to snakes as the center, around the snake Circle moves. The radius of the circle, as the monster speed, slow strange, the radius can be reduced, increasing venom overlay fast strange, you can enlarge the radius, so strange harder to touch you. Until the monster is close to put control skills, <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/runescape_gold.html">rs gold</a> continue to run, the snakes attack on the line. If you feel that have to be touched, and control skills are in CD, open skin deliberately eat an attack, refresh Mirror Image, immediately called the new image, and then continue to run, the mirror will run behind you, strange To catch up with you, the mirror will own up to put control skills, so one down, you take the initiative to control skills CD good, and other strange catching next to you when they can only tragedy is frozen or halo live. 70% -80% coverage in the general fight mobs control skills, leaders blame in 40% -50%.
BUILD advantages and disadvantages
A better solution quickly and blame can not kite, take strong control of the deal.
2 Control high skills of coverage, blade and soul gold the pressure to survive.
Operation less demanding than the kite transport stream a lot easier.
Topographical constraints flow is small relative to the kite.
Have strong eat the injury occurred, heap some armor and resistance equipment, that will not be the spike.
Avatar control skills cast is not controllable.
Attack a single skill.
4 sweep jar weakness.
Build with the installed
1 high armor, well understood, so we all play now.
High resistance, well understood, so we all play now.
3 Attack Speed, this property can be brought to the DPS and is the fastest enhance snakes damage depending on the panel DPS damage, so this is the most direct method to enhance the damage.
How to Find a Cheap Prom Dress - _WedPMCESTECEST1SepE How to Find a Cheap Prom Dress
Teenager girls in high school are always feeling exciting about attending proms. It is researched that the average cost on prom look is more than $ 500. However, if you don’t want to blow your entire budget to your wardrobe, a cheap yet stunning prom dress is needed.

</br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.dodool.com/charming-yellow-one-shoulder-floor-length-beads-working-pleated-prom- dress-pd021-p-47476.html">
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1. Find online bargains.
2. If you are patient and stick to your budget, online bargains for stunning prom dress are so easy to come by.
3. Plan ahead.
4. Choose the right shoes.
5. Buying cheap quality dresses needs strategy.
Compare the best wedding dresses with the bad. - _ThuAMCESTECEST1SepE Compare the best wedding dresses with the bad.
All Dresses 40% Off ! Complete your outfit with must have jewelry, women's shoes, handbags and more of the season's hottest fashion accessories. Find ultra modern boots,
shoes and sandals to match any article of women's clothing. Quality is guaranteed!

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<img style="display:block;border:0" src="http://www.dodool.com/images/_small//cloth003_/Womens/Joanne-Kitten/Boyish-Vintage-Yarn- Blouse.jpg" width="300" height="300" title="Cheap blouse" /></a>
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